Our minimal intervention and straightforward approach helps us bring down our overall costs. We pass this saving on to you. We charge a small initial fee to set up your investment but there are ongoing fees to maintain the effectiveness of your investment and the ongoing service provided.


Charges are a fact of life when a service is provided and you would hope that if you pay a higher fee then you would receive a better service. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Our charges are affordable and transparent. We have nothing to hide and we offer an impressive range of investment portfolios backed up with great customer service.

Charges can have a negative impact on your growth potential, therefore we keep these charges realistically as low as possible.


1.        No initial charges
2.       Ongoing charges
          Fund Manager Fee range from  0.15% - 0.30% with a max of 0.30%
          Discretionary Fund Manager Fee 0.60% inclusive of VAT
          Custodian Fee 0.30%
3.       i2day ongoing service fee: 0.50%


Service provided


  • Annual service call
  • Annual attitude to risk review
  • 24/7 portfolio and valuation access
  • Rebalancing to stay within your risk and capacity for loss
  • Access to a qualified Financial Planner
  • Regular market commentary


The maximum ongoing charge you will pay p.a is 1.7% this is divided as 1/12 every month

i.e if you invested £10,000 as a lump sum the maximum monthly charge you be expected to pay would be 0.141% p.m or £14.10 per month. The fees will cover all the costs associated with discretionary management dealing, the ongoing fund charges, access to a financial planner, on-going service, custody charges, set-up fees and platform fees.”